What Martial Arts Has Given Me?

Written by Lak Loi & Mona Nisha Din

Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do consists of 50% philosophy (mind & spirit), and 50% physical (mind & body).  The philosophical aspect is the lesser understood part of Jeet Kune Do, but once in a while the penny drops for a student.  I’d like to share one of those eureka moments, where a student (and friend of mine) has transcended her understanding of Jeet Kune Do and connected with universal consciousness towards her own personal liberation and self actualization.  Thanks for sharing Nisha and may your words help to inspire, empower and educate others alike…

“Morning Epiphany…What Martial arts has given me: An environment where creativity flows and I am afforded the freedom of sitting down and appreciating the sunset over a cold beer. Where love and altruism exist in abundance. Where growth and betterment are the main objectives of any given day. Where challenges are accepted with steely resolve and success makes me that much more humble. Where greed, envy, bitterness and fear are accepted as part of the human condition, but overcome in an instance through a clear understanding of ‘universal intelligence.’ Where there is no ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ only learning. Where God is God, not ‘my god’ and ‘your god.’ There’s no ‘my art’ and ‘your art.’ Each, in its place. Each, contained in its own value. Where the study of science, philosophy, theology and history expand my mind. And my body, mind and spirit harmonise in such a way that I see not physical form, but energy, colours, music. And I look up at the sky, completely overwhelmed by the majesty and grandness of it all. Me, a small ball of energy, connecting with all that is. And I laugh like a demented child, because the penny just dropped.”, Mona Nisha Din.

May the riches keep coming to you all in abundance!


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