Top 12 Celebs Who Have Passed Away & Still Making The Tons Of Money

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Most people have to work their whole lives to make millions of dollars. These celebs, however, do it in their sleep…or actually, in their caskets. These superstars may have passed away, but their banks would never know that by the way the money is still pouring in.

12.  Bruce Lee

Mr. Lee’s films, his philosophy on life and martial arts have lasted throughout the years. After 40 years gone he is still well known and recognized throughout the world, as evidenced by the $7 million/year that he continues to earn!

11.  Steve McQueen

McQueen has made his millions because of relationships with watch company Tag Huer and sunglasses manufacturer Persol. Those back catalogue and commercial relationships gave this star the millions he has today. He continues to make about $9 million/year from beyond the grave.

10.  Theodor Geisel 

You’d probably better recognize Geisel by his penname: Dr. Seuss. Since his death in the 1991, many of his stories have been made into films, and they continue to be popular. With “The Lorax” just recently becoming a major motion picture, it’s no surprise that Geisel’s estate is making around $9 million/year.

9.  Bettie Page

Maybe you don’t recognize her name, but you’d definitely recognize her look. Page made a name for herself as the twentieth century’s most iconic pinup model. Boutiques in New York, Las Vegas and Portland are how this celebrity is still making $10 million/year after her death in 2008.

8.  Albert Einstein

Recently the Montblanc put out a limited edition Einstein pen that sold for $3000. Very soon there will be a line of scientific instruments, tablets and computers all bearing the Einstein name. The world’s most famous genius may hav passed away more than a half century ago, but he’s still banking $10 million/year.

7.  John Lennon

Lennon’s earnings come from the overwhelming amount of Beatles albums that are still sold. Since 1992, over 63 million albums have been sold in the U.S. alone. And with several shows and films that use Beatles songs, and a spectacular Beatles-themed Vegas show, the deceased band member is still making $12 million/year.

6.  Marilyn Monroe

Monroe’s estate is run by Authentic Brand Group and is said to be making the huge gains. Monroe has appeared in ads for Sexy Hair and is the new face for Chanel No.5, even though she died in 1962. The legendary actress is making $15 million/year.

5.  Bob Marley

Bob Marley’s businesses took off after his death. His profits come from Marley Beverage Company, which sells the popular Marley’s Mellow Mood drink. Massive profits also come from the House of Marley, which is the producer of eco-friendly audio and lifestyle products. The king of reggae still banks $18 million/year.

4.  Elizabeth Taylor

Taylor wasn’t just a gifted actress, she was also a very lucrative business woman who made investments in stock and real estate. Her beauty products, included her fragrance White Diamonds, continue to bring in huge profits. Taylor is still raking in $25 million/year.

3.  Charles Schulz

Even in death, the creator of “Peanuts” lives on in his comic strip. “Peanuts” can be seen in 75 different countries and is in 21 languages. This famous cartoonist is making about $37 million/year.

2.  Elvis Presley

The king of rock and roll is just as popular now as he was when he was alive. His popular image can be found almost anywhere in the world and the earnings from his home Graceland come together to bring in about $55 million/year for Elvis.

1.  Michael Jackson

No dead celebrity can come close to how much MJ is making after his surprising 2009 death. His two Vegas shows, which utilize a hologram of the singer, are always sold out, and his music continues to sell millions. The king of pop can’t be brought down by death, as he still rakes in a whopping $160 million/year.


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