I have been practising martial arts for 20 years and I have never met an instructor as competent and knowledgeable as Lak Loi. I have been practising Jeet Kune Do with him for 5 years now and I am on my way to become an instructor myself. I have never met a martial arts instructor that understands and teaches both the physical and the philosophical sides of martial arts like Lak. Lak is a living example of what a martial artist should be. He not only teaches you the principles but he integrates them and uses them in his own everyday life. On the top of that he makes his lessons fun and interesting without overlooking the fitness side of the training. Trust me, you won't find many instructors like Lak Loi out there

Sattar Noamouz

JKD has become a way of life for me, my training partners have become friends and my instructor a role model and mentor. Many qualities draw people to JKD - often Bruce Lee’s fame or a desire to move away from traditional martial arts - but for me the appeal was the scientific principle driven approach coupled with the passion and wisdom of Sifu Lak Loi. JKD’s notouriety leads many martial arts schools to use the JKD name just to attract students only to focus exclusively on Wing Tsun or JKD concepts; what makes JKD London different is that we cover the full spectrum of Bruce Lee’s evolution of JKD culminating with the "LA Chinatown Era" coupled with Sifu Lak Loi’s deep understanding of the JKD Mindset and philosophical aspect of JKD. Without this latter component the art would die alongside Bruce Lee’s untimely death, but with it you can understand where Bruce Lee was taking JKD and crucially how to make the art your own.

Tom McGrath

Since I started JKD, my life has dramatically changed both physically and mentally.

I have been training at JKD London for the past 7 months with Sifu Lak Loi. I have seen huge changes in my progress losing almost an extra three stones since I joined JKD.

My biggest achievement has been with my flexibility, I could only lift my leg below knee height when I started, but with Sifu's guidance and his stretching techniques I now can kick 2 feet above my head in only three months.

I absolutely love JKD and I hope to continue this art for the rest of my life. I want to be the best that I can be and share my experience with others.

Mohammed Uddin

I have been training under Lak since 2009. For me, JKD has evolved from a small side interest to a way of life - something I will keep and pass down to future generations.

I have been on a journey from total beginner to competent technical fighter - understanding awareness, body mechanics and Bruce's no-frills approach to street fighting (interception). This is all brought together with philosophical anecdotes.

To succeed in JKD you need discipline, an open mind and a willingness to better yourself. You also need a great teacher, like Sifu Lak. Lak's instructions are clear and reasoned, the training drills keep you focused and there is always something to take away after each evening session in London City.

The group I train with is also a good bunch - everyone is keen to learn and the atmosphere is positive.


Jonny Lim

I joined UMA’s London Jeet Kune Do group to progress in my martial arts journey. Having studied a more traditional discipline I had grown frustrated with a disproportionate emphasis on grading systems and belts and not enough focus on genuine progress and development. From my first class I knew the martial artist in me had found her ‘home.’ Sifu Lak teaches with passion, humour and grace. He took me back to basics, refining everything from my stance to the kinetic chain I utilise when throwing a punch. Every phase of development has been coupled with an understanding of the physiology underpinning my movements. In short, this really is the art of scientific street-fighting. Moreover, Sifu Lak’s dedication to the spiritual growth of his students alongside their physical training has had a positive impact on every aspect of my life. Every lesson ends with a final thought from Sifu (usually a Bruce Lee quote) for us to contemplate and reflect on, emphasising the importance of spiritual growth as part of our training. Everyone I train with is friendly, good-humoured and genuinely committed to their martial arts journey, as well the growth and development of everyone they train with. I hang out with Sifu Lak and the people I train with outside of class on a regular basis and they’ve become a part of my extended family. My eternal gratitude to Lak and everyone I train with in JKD for assisting my development.xx

Nisha Din

Sadly, a couple of months ago I had to give up Jeet Kune Do as I decided to move abroad. I had been training under the tutelage of my JKD instructor Lak Loi (in London) and I trained in JKD for about a year and a half.

I can honestly say that it was an absolute pleasure to have been able to train in JKD under Lak and I will sorely miss the class. (Already am to be honest!)

Without meaning to cause any offense to other martial arts, I would like to mention that I learnt more practical self-defence techniques in one and a half years of JKD than I learnt in about six to seven years training in some other martial arts (namely Shotokan Karate).

Under Lak’s tutelage I learnt techniques / principles such as ‘fighting distance,’ ‘slipping,’ ‘intercepting,’ ‘non-telegraphy,’ ‘economy of motion,’ ‘daily decrease’ as well as countless other concepts and techniques.

Lak is a great teacher who is patient, experienced, highly knowledgeable, humble and very enthusiastic in what he teaches.

I greatly also enjoyed the fact that from time to time, Lak taught us to spar with gloves and gum shields. I am naturally a little afraid whenever I spar but Lak taught us that semi and full-contact sparring is a necessary part of martial arts training. One could ask the question, “If you don’t face your fears in a mere training class, how could you ever face a violent attacker on the street?”

I will sorely miss practicing JKD as there are no JKD classes available in my new place of residence. I have to do some military service over here (Finland) but once I am done, I hope to take up some form of martial art or self-defence class.

I’m living in a relatively small town and all I can find is Kick boxing and Krav Maga. Both are great fighting styles but I think I will go for Krav Maga. I just hope that the instructor will allow me to implement some of the JKD concepts and engage in a bit of ‘self-expression’ in my fighting style.

Nevertheless, I digress. I would just like to re-iterate once again that Lak is one of the best martial arts teachers that I have every had the privilege of training under and perhaps one day I will return to London to train in his classes once again.

If this is not possible, then I will at least forever remember and indeed cherish the lessons taught to me during my JKD classes. I will always try to ‘appropriately’ apply what I have been taught not only to any future martial arts training but also to my life in general.

Finally, I would like to thank and wish all the best to Lak, his class and the wider JKD community.
(I suppose I shouldn’t forget a quick thanks to Bruce Lee as well!).

Sincere Best Wishes, Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis

Learning JKD from Laks has been a great experience. Not only does he teach you the art but he also teaches you the philosophy and science behind the art and legend Bruce Lee. He breaks down the layers of what you are learning and shows you how to apply the knowledge and techniques in JKD but also strangely how JKD philosophy can be used in everyday life too. It's rare to find an instructor who understand the balance of knowledge and philosophy and is not just concerned about technique and strength but also about broken rhythm and fluidity... proper Bruce Lee style. 🙂 " - Jatinder Palaha

Jatinder Palaha


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