Spike Lee to Remake Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon

Source:  The Studio Exec

Revenge is tweet … Spike Lee at the Sundance film festival in January.BROOKLYN – Maverick director and graphic design encourager, Spike Lee has confirmed that he will be remaking classic Kung Fu pic Enter the Dragon.

The news came following what was seen by many as a disappointing business on the 2013 Oldboy remake starring Josh Brolin of last year. Spike cordially told the Studio Exec:

I’ve had a taste of Far East cinematic cuisine and just like the actual cuisine of the Far East, it has left me hungry for more. I began to get a real grasp of the action dynamics and this time I will be going full out.

The new Enter the Dragon will star Ken Yeong of The Hangover ‘fame’ in the role made famous by Bruce Lee, Lee, a martial artist who agrees to participate in a tournament the better to spy on the doings of an evil crime lord. Billy Bob Thornton will play Roper, the American who aids Lee, a role originally played by cult movie legend John Saxon in the 1973 original.

In his usual laid back style, Spike Lee confided in Studio Exec:

The idea originally came from Bob Weinstein. He said ‘Your name is Lee. And Bruce Lee’s name is Lee! It’s meant to be.’ I was bowled over. I said, ‘Bob, the way you put things together is visionary.’ Also everyone agreed that my Oldboy was so much better than Chan-wook Park’s frankly infantile effort and it occurred to me that although Enter the Dragon has this cult status, it isn’t really a very good film and it has almost no comedy routines. Ken Yeong will change that and I’ll direct the hell of it.

Enter the Dragon: A Spike Lee Joint will be released in 2016.

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