“Self-Actualization is the Highest State”, Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee famously stated, “Self-actualization is the highest state.  This achieving the center, being grounded in one’s self, is about the highest state a human being can achieve.”

The term self-actualization was originally coined by psychologist Dr. Abraham Maslow in his theory of “Hierarchy of Needs”.

The following article written by Dr. C. George Boeree discusses Maslows theory of “Heirarchy of Needs”, and explores the meaning of self-actualization so you can start your journey towards your own personal liberation.

>>> http://webspace.ship.edu/cgboer/maslow.html

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  1. This is a nice view about Bruce lee’s Jeet Kune Do. As the riddle says you always see evyrithing by its spherical aspect in order to fully comprehend its usefullness, or non usefullness
    Sifu Panayiotis Argyridis
    Jeet Kune Do Full instructor

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