School Rules

All JKD London Students automatically agree to abide by these school rules when you enrol as a member, and endeavor to uphold these school rules throughout your tenure with JKD London.  The school rules are subject to change without any prior notice, and it is your responsibility to ensure you are familiar with them by checking the school rules regularly.  JKD London endeavours to:

  • Preserve and promote Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do to the highest quality standard possible;
  • Create a fun, friendly and action-packed community environment to allow you and all the other JKD Students to learn and grow in a comfortable and easy environment; and
  • Treat your JKD Instructor, fellow JKD Students, and prospective JKD Students who come in for an introductory JKD class with utmost respect and honour.

It is your responsibility as a JKD London Student to ensure that you have read and fully understand the school rules to uphold and respect them to your highest value.



Class Etiquette

JKD London prides itself on creating a fun, friendly and action-packed community environment to allow you and other JKD Students to learn and grow in a comfortable and easy environment. Egos are not tolerated, and will lead to dismissal or refusal of enrolment into JKD London.

JKD classes are conducted in the same manner Bruce Lee taught in his JKD schools… with firm relaxness, and relaxed firmness. That is to say JKD is taken seriously to be effective for its’ application as a street fighting art, so that when you or a loved one is put in harms way, then your JKD teachings will be available at your fingertips because you listened and trained diligently in JKD class. At the same time it is relaxed so you can enjoy the process that is Jeet Kune Do.

During JKD class, your Instructor will call out some voice-commands in Cantonese. Please observe these carefully at all times. Failure to honour and respect your JKD Instructor and fellow JKD Students may result in you being told to miss an activity, leave the JKD class, or dismissal from the school altogether. The JKD voice commands are as follows: –

  • Yu-Pay: this command means ready and will be called with your JKD Instructor bowing to you and the rest of the Students by extending peace & respect. When this command is called, you are required to acknowledge the command by returning peace & respect back to your JKD Instructor by calling out the word Sifu, which means your Kung Fu father and teacher. After doing so, stand tall with your hands by your sides in total silence, and listen carefully as your JKD Instructor is about to deploy some valuable JKD teachings;
  • Bay-Jong: this command means get in to your JKD fighting structure and stance, also referred to as the ready stance or on-guard position;
  • Hai: this command means go or continue, and you can proceed with the activity prescribed;
  • Jeet: this command means stop. Students are required to stop all their activity and stand quietly in a safe position. Talking over the JKD Instructor is strictly prohibited, and may lead to your dismissal from the JKD class as it is dishonourable to everyone in the JKD class, and interferes with everyone else’s learning experience;
  • Gin-Lai: this command means Jun Fan SaluteJun Fan is Bruce Lee’s Chinese name meaning to arouse and make FAN (San FrANcisco & the United States) prosperous. In respect and honour of our Sijo Bruce Lee (founder of Jeet Kune Do), we open and close all JKD classes with the Jun Fan Salute, which is to bow at the beginning and end of each JKD class just as Bruce Lee did in his own JKD schools. Your JKD Instructor will teach you how to perform the Jun Fan Salute if you are not sure how to do it.

During JKD class, your JKD Instructor may use chalk markers on the mirrors to write down additional information to assist with your JKD development and learning.  It is courtesy for the JKD students to volunteer to clean up the mirrors after use, and return them to a mirror finish so the gym management continue to allow us use of their mirrors for this purpose.


Arriving at the Gym

You are allowed to arrive on site for your JKD class from 7pm.  Upon your arrival, please sign-in in the visitors log at the front-desk, letting them know… “I’m here for JKD Class”, and when acknowledged by the front-of-house proceed down to the changing rooms and gym floor appropriately.  JKD classes are held in the fitness studio at the far end of the gym floor on the basement level.

You are not allowed to use the gym facility, unless you are a Fitness First member.

For safety reasons, no extra items such as luggage or clothing are to be left on the gym floor or on the fitness equipment whilst in the gym.  If you require a locker, then you will require to bring in your own padlock.  The lockers are located in the changing rooms on the sub-basement floor.

Whilst in the gym before JKD class, in the event the fitness studio is not being used by another fitness class or personal trainer, you are strictly prohibited from using the fitness studio because you are not insured.

Upon entering the fitness studio, please ensure all your bags and belongings are stored safely in the storage area behind the ‘grey’ coloured wall with the LED lights on the right, to keep the main fitness studios’ training area clear and safe for you to train in without any hazards.

Whist on the premises, please ensure that you dispose of all your litter (such a empty bottles, snack wrappers, banana skins, etc) in the bins provided, which are placed around the gym floor, in the fitness studio and in the changing rooms for your convenience.

Please ensure that you vacate the building before 9pm to ensure you do not get locked in overnight.

Any violation of these rules or etiquette may lead to your dismissal from JKD London and prosecution from Fitness First.


All JKD London Students must wear the JKD London uniform, which consists of a t-shirt and track-suit bottoms, as well as a pair of your own comfortable trainers (preferably flat-soled for utmost safety). You can purchase your JKD London uniform through your JKD Instructor within the first month or two of enrolling.

Your JKD London uniform must be clean and worn in all JKD classes, to create a sense of unity and equality amongst all JKD London Students. If for whatever reason you do not have your JKD uniform available in JKD class, then please speak to your JKD Instructor before JKD class starts.

Attire other than the JKD London uniform is not acceptable attire in JKD class, as this goes against the idea of having a uniform to create unity and equality amongst the JKD London students. This includes t-shirts purchased from non JKD London events and seminars.

Inter-Class Relationships

JKD London does not condone inter-class relationships (unless you enrol as partners in the first instance), as when relationships sour, it causes animosity, spoils the dynamic within JKD class, and could lead to the disruption of your reputation. This goes against creating a fun, friendly and action-packed community environment to allow you and other JKD Students to learn and grow in a comfortable and easy environment, hence is prohibited in the school. On that basis, please kindly keep your personal life & romance outside of your JKD school. Failure to do so may result in your dismissal from the JKD school.



Training Equipment

You can only purchase your JKD training equipment directly from JKD London, as all of our JKD training equipment is observed by our insurer, as well as being tried and tested by the school and of the highest quality, available through your JKD Instructor at competitive prices. On this basis, third party equipment is strictly prohibited for use in the school, unless your JKD Instructor has given you prior permission at his/her discretion.

There is no pressure to purchase your equipment immediately, though you should be aware that you should purchase it within a timely manner so you will be able to participate in all the JKD training drills, exercises and sparring activities. Failure to do so may result in you having to sit out of the activity due to lack of appropriate safety training equipment to protect you.

Mandatory safety sparring equipment includes: – boxing gloves; gum shields; and shin pads.

Additional safety sparring equipment can also be purchased, which includes: – groin guard; chest guard (females only); head guards; and torso & back protectors.

Any other martial arts training equipment can also be purchased through your JKD Instructor at favorable prices to JKD London members only, such as: – focus pads; kicking pads; hand wraps; punch/kicking bags, wooden dummies, MMA gloves; and much much more. Just enquire with your JKD Instructor when you are ready.



Members Area

JKD London offer a private ‘Members Area’ to JKD London members only, containing video-analysis taken in JKD classes and much more, to supplement and enhance your JKD learning experience. Your JKD Instructor will communicate the private ‘Members Area’ password on a timely basis by email or text message.

The ‘Members Area’ is strictly for the access of permissioned JKD London Students only. On this basis, the password should be kept confidential, and any knowledge of access being given out indiscriminately may lead to you forfeiting your access to this resource, the facility being revoked from all JKD London members, or your dismissal from JKD London.


JKD London do not distribute the JKD syllabus willy nilly. As Bruce Lee said, “If knowledge is power, then why give it away indiscriminately.” Also, a syllabus without proper explanation and instruction does not serve much purpose, and leads to misinterpretation which defeats the whole purpose of preserving and promoting Bruce Lee’s martial art & philosophy of Jeet Kune Do.

To learn the syllabus, we encourage Students to attend as many JKD classes as possible, and take notes in JKD class at all times and clarify any questions with your JKD Instructor.  When you have been accepted for a grading (see ‘Grading’ section), your performance and knowledge is reviewed in a Grading Recap & Review session covering the JKD level you will be assessed in, so you do get the JKD syllabus time and grade appropriately.


JKD London perceive JKD gradings as an honour rather than a privilege. You must earn your right to grade, as JKD gradings are there to ensure that you can maintain and demonstrate a high standard of knowledge and experience of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, so as to preserve and promote JKD to the highest possible standard. If you wish to grade, then please enquire with your JKD Instructor, who will then kindly ask you to fill out a Grading Application Form.

Your JKD Instructor maintains absolute discretion to accept and approve your Grading Application to put you forward for a JKD grading, when s/he is confident that you not only meet, but exceed the required quality standards expected from JKD London students.

Prior to gradings, your JKD Instructor will endeavour to arrange to recap and review your performance and knowledge of the assessment level, and walk you through all the techniques, their names, applications, knowledge, and anything else related to your grading to ensure you are best prepared in advance (subject to availability).  Additonal costs apply for Grading Recaps & Reviews, to cover costs for venue hire, teaching time and overheads such as travel.

Please note, JKD gradings may be held at different locations throughout the year, and JKD London Students must make all the necessary arrangements at their own cost to make their own way to the grading location. To cover the costs of the venue hire and time taken to grade each Student, there is a separate grading fee which is payable to your JKD Instructor. Please speak to your JKD Instructor for more information.


Media Etiquette

When you post any material on- or off-line, you are representing JKD London, and carry our reputation and credibility on your shoulders, which we have been building since 2007. Therefore JKD London reserve the right to any and all material related to the school and its’ activities and events from being published publicly without prior permission from your JKD Instructor, to maintain our ethos and quality standards.

JKD London also strictly prohibit any negative material including text, photos, graphical images or otherwise against anyone, in particular other martial arts, martial artists, martial arts schools, including JKD London itself whether it is on- or off-line. This includes all social media websites such as FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Forums, etc.

If you have any issue or question, then please can you kindly pluck up the courage to speak to your JKD Instructor, and s/he will endeavour to resolve any issue(s) in a professional manner.

Videography & Photography

Student videography and photography is strictly prohibited in all JKD classes and events, unless your JKD Instructor has given you prior permission at his/her discretion.


JKD London observe all national bank holidays and 4 weeks holiday throughout the year, which are inclusive of all fees. Your JKD membership is based on 48-weeks, allowing 4 weeks holiday per year for all JKD Students and your Instructor to rest, relax, recover and reinvigorate. As they say rest is equally as important as training.

If the JKD London school venue is closed or we are unable to train in the insured venue for any reason, then JKD class will be cancelled. Unfortunately no refunds are given in such unforeseen circumstances.

JKD London usually take 2 weeks off during the Christmas and New Year festive period, and the other 2 weeks are taken as holiday throughout the year, usually during summer either as two one-week or one-two-week block.

If you decide to go on holiday, then you can opt to freeze your membership with one full calendar months notice. See ‘Freeze Membership’ section for more information.

Missed Classes

It is your responsibility to attend as many JKD classes you have signed up for. As they say, the more you put in, the more you get out. In the event you miss any JKD classes, no refunds will be given. Your JKD membership works exactly like a mobile phone contract. If you decide not to use your mobile phone, you still have to pay for the service, which is available for your use.


All JKD London membership fees are collected automatically by direct debit, so you do not have to scramble for cash each class, and more importantly it frees your JKD Instructor up so s/he can spend more time giving attention to you, the Student and your teachings before and after JKD class. If the venue & time permits, your JKD Instructor may decide to give you extra JKD teaching and training time at his/her discretion.  Please speak to your JKD Instructor if you need additional coaching &/or help.

All direct debits are collected by a professional martial arts school collections agency, which have been appointed by JKD London since 2008. Their details are shown below: –

NEST Management

Unit 3.2 Wilford Business Park

Ruddington Lane


NG11 7EP

0115 945 5030

If you have any enquiries regarding your payments, please kindly honour and respect your JKD Instructor and speak to him/her directly on 0795 180 7982 who will endeavour to resolve any issue(s) promptly, and help find a solution for you.

Freeze Membership

In the event you cannot train but intend to return, such as going away on holiday, sustained an injury, or for any other personal reason, you can freeze your membership for a nominal fee to maintain your attendance record, else your attendance record gets deleted and you have to start all over. Your attendance record is important for you to meet grading requirements and entry into certain JKD events and seminars. Freezing your membership also prevents you from having to do all the enrolment paperwork, re-establishment of your direct debit, and re-issuance of your martial arts insurance. The nominal membership freeze fee covers the administration costs to maintain these services in the background, as well as continue to provide you with access to the private ‘Members Area’ so you can stay current with the JKD teachings whilst ‘off’, and able to benefit from the member discounts and offers on seminars, events, and much more.

In the event you have sustained an injury, then a medical report or doctors note is required to be submitted at the time of your request to freeze your membership on this basis.

As per the direct debit agreement, any changes to your membership payment requires one full calendar months notice period in writing by email or text message to your JKD Instructor.  Please note, membership freezing notifications can only be accepted & actioned from Monday to Friday within normal business operating hours of 09:00 to 17:00 hours. From the date your notice has been accepted by your JKD Instructor by confirmation communication by text or email, you will owe one more payment at the usual rate before the membership drops down to the nominal membership freeze fee. Any other forms of communication will not be accepted, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media messages.

Cancel Membership

We are always sad to see Students go, but we understand people need to move on. As Bruce Lee himself quoted… “Walk On!”

If you do decide to leave our JKD school, (usually when Students relocate for a better career opportunity), then as per the direct debit agreement, any changes to your membership payment requires one full calendar months notice period in writing by email or text message to your JKD Instructor. Please note, membership cancellation notifications can only be accepted & actioned from Monday to Friday within normal business operating hours of 09:00 to 17:00 hours. From the date your notice has been accepted by your JKD Instructor by confirmation communication by text or email, you will owe one more payment at the usual rate before the membership is cancelled. Any other forms of communication will not be accepted, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media messages.

Please note, the one full calendar month notice period is required by our collections company NEST Management, and the cancellation process is outside of JKD Londons’ control. To avoid any misunderstanding and disappointment during a cancellation process, please note if you provide notice on the 1st of a month, e.g. 1st April, then one full calendar notice period is required from 1st April to 1st of May, which means that your final payment will be taken at the beginning of May. If you want to avoid being charged for May, then please ensure that you take full control & responsibility for providing ample notice before the end of March so that your final payment will be taken in April only, as an example.

Your cancellation will be handled automatically by your JKD Instructor, so no further action is required. You will receive a confirmation email or text message, stating when your final payment will be collected, and which date you will be able to train till. Your direct debit will automatically be cancelled by NEST Management, who will also issue a letter of confirmation to this extent.

In the event you accidentally cancel your direct debit without serving your one full calendar months notice, then when NEST Management attempt to collect your payment and when it fails because the direct debit does not exist, then NEST Management take the necessary measures to obtain your fees owed as per your agreement, which may include legal recourse, potential damage to your credit history and additional legal expenses. To avoid such problems, please notify your JKD Instructor immediately. Once a failed payment is detected, the matter is outside of JKD Londons’ control, so please keep an open communication with your JKD Instructor. In the event of any payment issues, please speak to your JKD Instructor immediately for a prompt resolution.

Instructor Sickness

JKD is the life-blood of our JKD Instructors, and through sickness and health, we endeavor to provide you with fun, friendly and action-packed community JKD classes. In the event your JKD Instructor is taken ill, they usually endeavor to keep going, as they say, “The show must go on”, in order to avoid cancelling any JKD classes.

However, once in a while your JKD Instructor maybe forced to take time off sick to rest, relax and recover, as well as prevent spreading contagious illnesses to you and the rest of your JKD class. During such unforeseen cancellations, no rebates and refunds are offered, but your JKD Instructor will endeavour to make it up to you where possible.