Saturday 13th June – Judo Meets JKD Seminar

Bruce Lee Performing a Judo Move


Saturday 13th June 2015 – Judo Meets JKD Seminar

This is the FIRST EVER martial arts seminar which unites two complimentary martial arts, namely Judo and Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do.

Bruce Lee’s LA Chinatown Jun Fan Gung Fu School predominantly taught stand-up street-fighting.  Though Bruce was finessing his “close range” fighting skills, he did not get to pass on these teachings within his JKD schools due to his untimely passing.

Bruce Lee learnt Judo from the legendary “Judo Gene Lebell”, after meeting Gene on the set of the Green Hornet and they became good friends.  “Judo Gene Lebell” went on to quote, “Bruce loved to learn grappling, he ate it up!”  Gene quoted, that Bruce said that “Judo was one of the most tiring martial arts he ever practiced.”

This is the FIRST EVER martial arts seminar to bridge the gap between these two complimentary arts, so you can continue to develop your own Jeet Kune Do and develop your “close range” fighting skills.

This radical martial arts seminar will explore stand-up street-fighting striking & trapping, takedowns, throws, rolls, falls, grappling and ground work.

This amazing martial arts seminar will be held at Falcon Judo’s flagship dojo in Hatfield, which is a short 22 minute train ride from London’s Kings Cross train station and a short taxi ride making it accessible for everyone.


Subject: Judo Meets JKD


Date: Saturday 13th June, 2015

Registration Time: 08:30 Sharp  (event starts sharp at 09:00)

Venue: Jim McDonald Centre

McDonald Court,

High View,


Hertfordshire AL10 8HR

This location is a short 22 minute train ride from London’s Kings Cross train station and a short taxi ride making it accessible for everyone.


Directions: Click here for directions

Dress Code: Judo suits or JKD London uniforms.  No footwear on the Judo matts.

Etiquette: As a sign of respect, when stepping on or off the Judo matts, please face the centre of the matts with your arms besides your sides and bow with humbleness, humility and respect.

Restrictions: Minimum age is 6 years

Includes: 4 hours of martial arts seminar including a short water & light snack break.

Bring your own water & light snacks (no snack shop on-site, though there is a petrol station a 2 minute walk away)


Number Of Places:  Limited places available for this exclusive event…   First Come, First Served !!!


Judo Meets JKD

Delivered by a 3rd generation instructor in Bruce Lee’s martial art & philosophy of Jeet Kune Do (“The Way Of The Intercepting Fist”), Lak Loi, JKD London

*** AND ***

Michael Dargan, Judo Instructor and Coach of the Year 2015, Welwyn and Hatfield Borough, Falcon Judo.



08:30  –  09:00 Registration & students lay matts out

09:00  –  10:45 Seminar Part 1

10:45  –  11:00 Water & Light Snack Break

11:00  –  13:00 Seminar Part 2

13:00  –  13:15 Conclusion

13:15  –  13:30 Students put matts away


Cost:  £20 JKD London & Falcon Judo Member Price / £30 Non Members

…Limited Places, So BOOK NOW!!!

All are welcome!  Bring your family & friends




BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW   CALL 0795 180 7982 

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