Pictures from TMAS 2012 Extravaganza!!!

TMAS 2012 bought together the martial arts community far and wide, and presented an extravaganza of a show!!!

Everything from amazing martial artists, demos, world record breaking events, tournaments & competitions, seminars & workshops, celebrity interviews, merchandise and much more all under one roof for a weekend full of martial arts packed action!

To make this happen, it has taken the collaborative help of all the TMAS 2012 staff.  On this note I’d like to thank them all, in particular my JKD London team that dedicated their weekends away from their families and friends and travelled all the way up to the NEC in Birmingham to help me and my chief sifu, good friend and organiser, Kwoklyn Wan and his business partner Paul Clifton.  I am truly blessed to have such wonderful students and am grateful for all your help and support.  I’d also like to thank all the amazing guests that attended the show from far and wide, to create an electric atmosphere this weekend, making it such a special occasion.

I have enclosed some pictures from the show for you to enjoy.

Peace & respect

JKD London with the Shaolin Monks at TMAS 2012
JKD London - Nav Singh, Tom McGrath, Amir Vedadi, Lak Loi, David Lovegrove, Dipak Thakor & Jeremy Stevens
TMAS 2012 Team


















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