Original Bruce Lee Student, Bob Bremer Died Last Night

Written by Lak Loi

Bob Bremer (far right) with Jerry Poteet, Daniel Lee, Bruce Lee, Steve Golden and Pete Jacobs

Bob Bremer, one of Bruce Lee’s original Jeet Kune Do students and co-founding members of the elite Wednesday Night Group, passed away last night after a long illness.

Bob Bremer began training in the martial arts with his children at Ed Parker’s Kenpo school in Pasadena, California. After practicing Kenpo for about two years he saw Bruce Lee demonstrate Jeet Kune Do and immediately enrolled at Bruce’s school in Los Angeles. Bob had the second most lessons with Bruce Lee at the Chinatown school and was fortunate enough to train with Bruce at this home on Sundays.

Bob Bremer had a reputation for being a tough and resilient martial artist, and was famously known as “The Chinatown Asskicker”.

Bob was also a part of the original “backyard” class taught by Dan Inosanto when Bruce Lee closed the Chinatown school and left for Hong Kong. After retiring as a crane operator Bob began attending Tim Tackett’s Wednesday night classes and forever changed the Wednesday Night Group’s expression of Jeet Kune Do.

Linda Lee Cadwell had this to say about Bob Bremer:

“In the 40-plus years that I have known Bob, his legendary status among JKD practitioners is well-deserved. To my knowledge, Bob has always strived to pass on only the techniques and aspects of Bruce Lee that he himself experienced without branching out, elaborating, embroidering on or interpreting anything beyond Bruce’s teaching. I respect Bob’s approach to teaching Jeet Kune Do, for Bruce had much to offer that did not require updating, revising or adapting. With Bob Bremer, you get the real deal”.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bob Bremer and his family at this time.


Peace & respect.



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  1. Bob and Sharon Bremer are my Uncle and Aunt -in Laws. Our family has this original picture of Bob (far right on this photo) and his classmates .

    Our wishes go out to my family in the passing of Bob. He was lots of fun to be around, joked all the time, and was very intelligent. His wife, Sharon loved him so very much and our hearts go out to her.

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