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How Do I Join JKD and Self Mastery Classes Now ?

JKD and Self Mastery classes are held every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in the heart of the City of London as follows:


Monday 7:15pm to 8:45pm @St. Pauls

Wednesday 7:20pm to 8:50pm @Moorgate

Thursday 7:15pm to 8:45pm @St. Paul

At the following locations:

@St. Pauls – Fitness First, 95 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4HN

@Moorgate – Nuffield Health, 1 Ropemaker Street, London, EC2Y 9AW.

All JKD and Self Mastery classes provide up to 90 minutes of teachings … giving you Ample coaching and development time!

We have an  Awesome monthly membership package for you,  which includes your:

  • JKD and Self Mastery classes with up to 4.5 hours training per week
  • Annual martial arts insurance included at No extra cost;
  • You do not have to be a Fitness First or Nuffield Health member to  Join;
  • We do not believe in long-term contracts, so we have a  Simple monthly payment  plan with One full calendar months notice period which means you owe one months fee at the current rate whenever you make any changes to your membership;
  • Free locker use to stow your luggage away safely whilst on-site;
  • Free real-time video analysis and learning aids in JKD classes to help you develop your Self Mastery quickly and effectively;
  • Free access to to help you Cultivate Your Martial Fitness in your own time and place with family & friends;
  • Free fitness and nutrition advice by discretion and appointment only;
  • JKD London blog to keep up to date with the latest JKD, Self Mastery and Bruce Lee news, articles, events, seminars, products and special offers;
  • Martial Mind Power blog to help you reveal and cultivate the secrets of how the martial arts principles and philosophies can help you cultivate a life of excellence;
  • Digital registration system to monitor and track your progress;
  • Radical fun action-packed JKD classes including Martial WODs, Bruce Lee’s Fitness Challenges, Expressing The Human Body, Bruce Lee’s Moves From The Movies, Martial Mind Power Koans & Philosophy, with prizes and much much more;
  • The *Digital Dojo contains videos from all JKD classes, MartialWODs, Self Mastery Classes on-line, so you have catch-up TV in case you miss a class, want to refer back to what you covered, or simply want to learn remotely, as well as the FULL Master Your Life 9 Steps to Self Mastery on-line video course, plus Bonus Chapter, and Book Resources, to Keep you connected, up to date, and support your total journey of Self Mastery through the martial arts

* Additional fees apply

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