JKD London Christmas Party & Annual Awards Ceremony 2012

Written by Lak Loi

JKD London Annual Christmas Dinner 2012

I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone that participated in the JKD London Christmas Party last night (06/12/12) and made the event what is was – just brilliant!  I’d promised to take everyone on a ‘spiritual journey’, and I sincerely hope everyone enjoyed the ‘Ghost Bus Tour’  ;-P

We continued our ‘spiritual journey’ on to our Annual Christmas Dinner – Nandos style, where we held our Annual JKD London 2012 Awards Ceremony, to celebrate the achievements of the year, to commemorate our JKD fore-fathers whom we lost this year (Jerry Poteet, Jessie Glover, Joe Lewis and Bob Bremer), commend the achievements of my students, pay gratitude to my students and mentors for pointing me to the truth, and to look Onwards and Upwards.

The Annual JKD London 2012 Awards results are shown below.

I salute all my JKD students, mentors, family & friends, and look forward to a smashing New Year… 2013 here we come!!!

Merry Christmas & a Prosperous New Year

P.S. Remember, we break up for Christmas/New Year holidays from Thursday 20th December to Monday 1st January (no JKD classes on these dates), resuming JKD classes on Thursday 3rd January 2013.


Sattar Best newcomer
Ming Most determined
Jeremy Most skilful kicks
Amir Biggest mental shift and most attendance
Nisha Most spiritual growth
Lovegrove Most knowledgeable
Dipak Best exhibitionist
Eliot Best movember
James M. Most psychological improvement
Luke V. Most inspiring student
Luke T. Best technical all rounder
Thomas K. Best technical all rounder
Sumeet Best technical all rounder
Jonny Best technical fighter
John G. Mentor & close friend
JT Mentor & close friend
Tom M. Most loyal & longest serving student

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