How to Create Incredible Success by NOT Copying Bruce Lee!

Written By Transformational Writer & Coach, Raja Hireker

To many, Bruce Lee is a god, an idol, someone to be admired, worshipped, held in the highest regard. Yet, many take things too far (fanatical?). They do all they can to BE exactly like Lee. The look, the mannerisms, the moves, the knowing everything there is to know about Bruce. And yet, that’s not what Bruce would have wanted. Why? Because his way, his philosophy in how to live in an uncomplicated way was about an individual fearlessly expressing themselves through whatever medium or channel they choose.

Whether through martial arts, sport, music, art, communications, whatever it may be; fearless self-expression is the goal; and not 100% copycat emulation. Observing Bruce – via his films, books, documentaries or sayings – one can attest to the beautiful, extraordinary, sheer self-expression Bruce exudes. In fact, in his out of screen character; i.e real life, we again see a completely relaxed, completely self-confident, completely self-assured individual with no inhibitions in what he wants to say and share. He has no need to impress, anyone. Now that’s pure liberation and freedom.

I’m totally amused by the look-a-like contests where the aim is for contestants to replicate their heroes. There are plenty of Bruce Lee look-a-like competitions and conventions where the aim is to actually replicate Bruce Lee in all and every facet you can think of. The same is true with actors in various martial art movies. How sad to base one’s life in being a slave to in-authenticity, to want to be revered and looked up to because of copycatting another’s every characteristic, personality trait and idiosyncrasy.

The scenario: sitting in the swanky sprawling hotel room in The Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, 2003; having lunch with whom many consider the greatest direct mail, direct marketing writer of all – Gary Halbert. I had a specific request I made to Gary at the writing seminar he was hosting in the Biltmore and he proceeded to show me a specific advert he wrote for a very famous client of his. He said to me to not copy the ad verbatim, but to be inspired by it, to use the structure to create my own version. He wanted me to utilise my own self-expression in creating my version of the advertisement.

There’s a definite commonality amongst those at the top of their game; be who you are meant to be; don’t perfect being someone else.

So how then, can we adopt, adapt and apply Bruce Lee’s unique self-expression into our own lives for our own successes? 

The first part of the process is of course to recognise that there’s nobody else like us on the planet. No-body else on the planet has seen and experienced life in the exact and precise way that we have. That alone gives us uniqueness and authenticity.

The next part of the process is to honour and respect who we are, no matter who we think we are. We’re individuals. We’re more precious and priceless than any material object or any statue or monument. And we needn’t wait for anyone else to appoint or anoint us as being different, unique, and remarkably authentic; we are that, without requiring anyone else to let us know that we are.

The next part of the process is to speak, interact and communicate from the very place where we are our authentic, expressive selves. 

No-one else has stopped us from fully expressing ourselves, except, us! Think about your creative self when you owned the world; when you were a fully expressive, child of the universe; didn’t you do things and experiment and communicate from a fearless position; didn’t you have not a care in the world about what anyone thought or said about you; you just spoke your request into existence and whether it came about or not, you just freely expressed yourself without being inhibited or without looking for approval or acknowledgement.

Sure, you could’ve have been a little cocky or abrasive at that age, who isn’t; but your heart was in the right place; you knew you spoke a truth that was real and alive, and others around you could sense it. Well, that’s the fearlessly expressive, you, yet you’ve just tucked away that very dimension of you in a deep, far away closet. And have done so in such a way that it’s a little tricky to get to.

And that’s the beautiful task you’re going to undertake; to bring out the real, self-expressive you; without apology and without the need to affirm anything to anyone. You ARE to be the embodiment of true self-expression that Bruce Lee suggested you be in all that you do.

Now that’s certainly worth emulating and copying from Bruce, don’t you think; especially taking to heart one of Bruce’s famous sayings’; “Knowing is not enough, we must apply; Willing is not enough, we must do.”


Bruce Lee referred to this as “Honestly Express Yourself”.

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Peace & Respect,

Lak Loi

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