Dryathlon – No Alcohol. For January. For Cancer Research UK

Written by Lak Loi

The nation's first Dryathlon. No Alcohol. For January. For Cancer Research UK.

My New Year’s resolution? I’mgiving up alcohol. For January. For Cancer Research UK. I’m becoming a Dryathlete. All through January I’m not going to touch alcohol. Not a drop. So instead of buying me a drink, I’d like you to donate. Every pound helps Cancer Research UK bring forward the day when all cancers are cured. I’ll be donating my drinking money and if I happen to slip off the wagon, I’ll chuck in an extra £15 to make up for it. Cheers. The Dryathlete’s Oath I promise that I shall take part in Dryathlon™, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern it, committing myself to a month without alcohol, in the true spirit of do-gooding, for the glory of Dryathletes and the honour of Cancer Research UK.


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Many thanks for all your generosity & support!

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