Do You Know Bruce?

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Do you know Bruce Lee

A special exhibition has been created in partnership with the Bruce Lee Foundation and with the generous support of many sponsors, donors and partners in Seattle.

Opening October 4, 2014 through 2017

There’s more to Bruce than you think.  
In 1999, Time Magazine named Bruce Lee one of the most influential people of the century.  He inspired – and continues to inspire – millions of people, 40 years after his death, through his trailblazing work in martial arts, film and fitness. He was an international superstar but for Asian Pacific Americans, he was much more. While his one-inch punch raised the bar for martial artists, his skill, hard work, and determination to break media stereotypes of Asian Pacific Americans was game-changing in advancing racial equality.
In his film roles, Bruce Lee fought to be portrayed as a person, not a subservient or menacing Chinese male stereotype. Off the screen, he openly embraced his mixed race background, defied martial arts tradition with his willingness to instruct people of any race, and broke barriers with his interracial marriage. Rooted in his philosophy of personal development, Bruce Lee also spent as much time cultivating his inner character with ideas of intellect, socio-cultural awareness and education as he did on his physical conditioning.
A significant part of who Bruce Lee became was due to his life in Seattle. 
In Seattle, Bruce Lee worked at the legendary Ruby Chow’s Restaurant, launched his first martial arts studio, formed his philosophical roots, and met and fell in love with Linda Lee, a Garfield High School graduate. For him, Seattle was a time of obstacles and sacrifices as well as growth and development… and would become his final home.
This special exhibition will feature interactive multi-media displays, never-before-seen personal belongings and collector memorabilia related to Bruce Lee’s time in Seattle and the Chinatown-International District, his relationship with Linda and family, his global influence and legacy, and his martial arts. In the opening year, Bruce Lee’s philosophy, personal letters/writings, training equipment and artifacts from his martial studio will be featured. Tours related to Bruce Lee will be available. This special exhibition will run for three years with new items showcased each year.
Items featured in exhibition include:
– Handwritten poems reflecting Bruce’s experience in Seattle
– Birth announcement for Brandon and snapshots of him as a baby
– Boxing glove and head gear used by Bruce for training
– Original press kit materials from Fists of FuryThe Chinese ConnectionReturn of the DragonEnter the Dragon, and Game of Death.

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