Bruce Lee: The Evolution of a Martial Artist

Source:  Black Belt Magazine

In his new book Bruce Lee: The Evolution of a Martial Artist,author Tommy Gong chronicles the path of the Enter the Dragonstar and jeet kune do founder’s progression in martial arts techniques and training methods, painting a portrait of a man seeking — and eventually finding — a philosophy of self-actualization.

His efforts were aided by unprecedented access to the archives at Bruce Lee Enterprises, from which he pulled rare and unique photos, letters and personal writings. He also had access to Lee’s childhood classmates, former students and family friends.

The result is a new book that provides what Linda Lee Cadwell, Bruce Lee’s widow, calls, “the story of a remarkable man … [that] lays out a blueprint that will inspire the reader to create his or her own path to success.”

In this exclusive video filmed at Black Belt, Gong talks about Bruce Lee’s path to success, detailing what he calls a “perfect storm” of circumstance, family history and personal ambition for Lee to go from “Bruce Lee: martial arts instructor and TV actor” to “Bruce Lee: martial arts icon and movie star.”

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