Bruce Lee Inspired Workshop



Did you know, the WAATAH!!! screams in Bruce Lee’s last movie, Game of Death, released after Bruce’s untimely passing were recorded by the legendary Chris Kent… a 1st generation instructor in Bruce Lee’s martial art & philosophy. Chris was trained in Jeet Kune Do (JKD) by Bruce’s closest friend and confidante, Dan Inosanto, who is better known for fighting Bruce Lee in the pagoda nun-chuck scene in the Game of Death.

Chris Kent has teamed up with Lak Loi (3rd generation instructor in JKD, and Physical & Mental Cultivation Coach) to deliver your FIRST EVER personal development action-based workshop inspired by Bruce Lee’s martial motion and philosophy called WAATAH!!! There will be plenty of movement and philosophising to help you break-through your fears.

It is common knowledge that martial arts can help you develop confidence to overcome obstacles and fears in your life. However, it is not anything that is explicitly taught to you, rather you’re left to your own devices to develop confidence through mastering martial motion which could take years and years to cultivate. What if… there is a workshop you could attend where these teachings will be shared with you for your immediate use?

The idea of this 2-day workshop is to help you to understand what fear is, develop a healthy respect for fear, accept and recognise your own fears, understand how to control it, and learn how your fears are serving you to grow and prosper, so you can CONQUER YOUR FEARS!

As part of this 2-day workshop, Chris and Lak will be sharing and teaching you Bruce Lee’s secret to control fear using his famous ‘cry of war’… WAATAH! which Bruce was so famous for in his blockbuster movies and much much more. Chris and Lak will delve into depths of Bruce Lee’s philosophy… ’To understand fear is the beginning of really seeing,’ to help you understand the mental and philosophical side of Bruce’s martial art, so you can Get the clarity you need, so you can Live the life you want by Stepping into your true power and Self-Mastery!

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