Bruce Lee – Artist Of Life, Not Just Martial Artist

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Bruce Lee quoted…
“Basically, I have always been a martial artist by choice and actor by profession. But, above all, I am hoping to actualize myself to be an ‘Artist of Life’ along the way”. “Artist of Life” refers to the process of being an individual who, through the use of his own independent judgment, sought to fully actualize himself as a total human being (i.e. physically, mentally, spiritually). Lee once told a journalist, “It is easy for me to put on a show and be cocky and then feel pretty cool. Or I can do all kinds of phony things and be blinded by it. Or I can show you some really fancy movement. But to express oneself honestly, not lying to oneself – that my friend, is very hard to do” – Bruce Lee.

To learn more about the essence of Bruce Lee, read John Little’s book called ‘Bruce Lee – Artist Of Life’, and the video below is a MUST WATCH NOW.

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