How Can I Learn Martial Arts at Home?

Written by Lak Loi, New and existing students often ask me, What should I practice in my own time at home? This question kept popping up, time and time again, that eventually I decided to do something about it. I decided to set up a Digital Dojo, that is, an on-line martial arts school where …

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‘Enter the Dragon’ Stars – Then and Now

Published by Everything Fu! Reveal where the stars from Bruce Lee’s  blockbuster movie ‘Enter the Dragon’ stars are now, and what they look like. Enjoy the video, Lak #selfmastery #masteryourlife #martialmindpower #jkdlondon #martialliving #martialphilosophy #martialarts #lakloi

John Saxon and Bob Wall Remembering Bruce Lee with Shannon Lee

Published by Oscars, Shannon Lee (daughter of Bruce Lee) and actors John Saxon and Bob Wall remember the martial arts legend and his classic “Enter the Dragon” at the Academy’s 40th anniversary screening on April 17, 2013 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater. Enjoy the video, Lak #selfmastery #masteryourlife #martialmindpower #jkdlondon #martialliving #martialphilosophy #martialarts #lakloi  

Joe Lewis, ‘The Father of Kickboxing’ Talks About Bruce Lee and Kickboxing

Original Bruce Lee student, Joe Lewis, talks about Bruce Lee and how he ‘acquired’ the name, ‘The Father of Kickboxing.’ Enjoy the video, Lak #selfmastery #masteryourlife #martialmindpower #jkdlondon #martialliving #martialphilosophy #martialarts #lakloi

Bruce Lee vs. Pro Fighters: “He could beat us all, We had no chance,” James DeMille

Interview with James DeMile, Original Bruce Lee Student, Seattle Period by WOMA TV, Enjoy the video, Lak #selfmastery #masteryourlife #martialmindpower #jkdlondon #martialliving #martialphilosophy #martialarts #lakloi  

Gracie Family Talks About Bruce Lee

Excerpt of History Channel documentary on Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto and the Gracie’s talk about Bruce Lee being ‘Ahead of the game’. Enjoy the video, Lak #selfmastery #masteryourlife #martialmindpower #jkdlondon #martialliving #martialphilosophy #martialarts #lakloi  

Bruce Lee’s Student, Joe Lewis Fixes the Common 40 Training Mistakes

Written by Joe Lewis, In any sport from football to fighting, when two opponents are practically equal, usually the one who makes the fewest mistakes becomes victorious. With that in mind, presented below is my list of the 40 most common errors martial artists make in the ring. TRAINING MISTAKE #1 Trying to counter when …

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Bruce Lee’s Secret Aikido Techniques

Published by AikidoFlow, Checkout the secret Aikido techniques used by Bruce Lee in his movies, presented with so much passion by JasonHalliday. Enjoy watching the video, Lak

Bruce Lee’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Published by Evan Carmichael, Checkout this neat compilation of Bruce Lee’s 10 top tips for success. To learn how to cultivate your success using Bruce Lee’s martial art & philosophy to Master Your Life, checkout Martial Mind Power now Enjoy the video, Lak  

New Theory for Bruce Lee’s Death

Book review of [Bruce Lee: A Life by Mathew Polly] by Mike Cormack, SCMP, Bruce Lee may have died 45 years ago this month (July 2018), but he remains one of the best-known Chinese celebrities. Lee’s films kick-started the kung fu genre, turning martial arts into a global phenomenon and boosting the Hong Kong movie …

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