40th Anniversary of ‘Enter The Dragon’, ‘No Way As Way’ Documentary & More!

Written by Shannon Lee

The 40th Anniversary of ‘Enter The Dragon’ is here!  I am amazed & humbled that after 40 years, my father’s legacy, what he stood for and embodied, is more relevant today than ever.  To celebrate the 40th Anniversary, Warner Brothers has released a remastered Blu-Ray of this epic masterpiece.  In addition, the Blu-Ray is loaded with Bonus Materials including the documentary ‘No Way As Way’ which I produced and directed.  ‘No Way As Way’  focuses on the idea of ‘self-mastery’ and the steps to achieve this, as exemplified by Bruce Lee and  by the personal journeys of Sugar Ray Leonard (world champion boxer), Steve Aoki (Grammy nominated producer, artist and DJ, and George Takei (actor/activist).  My mother, Linda, and I appear in the documentary as well.

The single, “Be Like Water”  as well as the original score for the documentary is written and performed by the incredibly talented artist, Mozez  http://numenrecords.co.uk/ & https://www.facebook.com/MozezMusic.


We are also offering amazing prints by the very talented artist, Sugahara, limited edition t-shirts and more all to commemorate this august occasion.  Click on the graphic below to find all of the goodies! xShannon




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